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If you are a keyboard enthusiast and looking to level up your PC setup with customised keyboards or are planning to get a whole new setup, don’t sleep on The KapCo

Thomas Chan of The KapCo started his journey from corporate realms.

As a graduate with a degree in construction and a master’s degree in International Real Estate, he established his foothold in esteemed organisations like CBRE, Shimizu Corporation, and JLL Property Services.

Amidst his career and personal milestones like marriage and fatherhood, he sensed the need for a change and set his sights on the burgeoning ecommerce landscape.

In 2019, Thomas dove headfirst into the ecommerce wave, initially exploring the world of dropshipping. 

However, the tumultuous waters of online retailing demanded adaptability. Faced with the challenge of keeping his business afloat, Thomas and his team seized the opportunity to pivot towards branding—a decision that would redefine their trajectory.

Birth of The KapCo

The genesis of The KapCo was not scripted in a boardroom but emerged from a collective vision to create something exceptional.

They have different keycap sets to choose from / Image Credit: The KapCo

“In July 2021, our ex-company allowed each sales team to come up with a brand to launch. We then had a brainstorming session that ultimately led to mechanical keyboards,” Thomas shared.

Inspired by his team’s ingenuity and fueled by a newfound passion for mechanical keyboards, he embarked on a quest to carve a niche in the competitive market.

Armed with a team of young and talented individuals boasting expertise in design, illustration, 3D modeling, photography, and marketing, The KapCo set out with a goal to revolutionise the mechanical keyboard experience. 

Their journey began with reselling plain-coloured keycaps, gradually evolving into designing bespoke keycaps that found enthusiasts worldwide. 

They have a variety of keycap sets such as spring tea keycaps, teddy bear keycaps and skull and roses keycaps. The price ranges from RM236.99 to RM377.99.

Additionally, they have designed keycap sets in partnership with a number of brands, including Ainbell, Creative Universe, Gateron, and Mocankeys.

They also have their own collections, which are The KapCo Artist, The KapCo Colorway, and The KapCo Original starting from RM141.99.

For its Artist Collection, The KapCo worked with international artists such as Ilustrata, Elora, Onitatu99, and others.

Through initiatives like The KapCo Artist Collection, they aim to infuse their products with creativity, authenticity, and a touch of exclusivity.

Keyboard enthusiasts can customise their own keycap set based on their preferences / Image Credit: The KapCo

Defining his vision

Central to The KapCo’s ethos is a commitment to guiding keyboard enthusiasts through various levels of engagement, from novices to seasoned experts. 

By meticulously segmenting their target audience and crafting tailored experiences, The KapCo aspires to cultivate a vibrant community of keyboard enthusiasts.

Thomas and his team divide keyboard users into several levels:

  • Level 0 – Non-mechanical keyboard users
  • Level 1 – Those who have only heard about big brands such as Razer and Steelseries
  • Level 2 – People who have delved deeper into the rabbit hole and started looking for customisation for their mechanical keyboards
  • Level 3 – Enthusiast-level individuals who seek out unique and rare collectible keyboards

“For The KapCo, we envision ourselves helping people transition from Level 0 to Level 1, and from Level 1 to Level 2. As for Level 3, that’s our aim—to let our fans be the next ‘Kap’ enthusiast!” he told Vulcan Post.

Navigating challenges and embracing growth

Like any entrepreneurial endeavour, The KapCo’s journey has been punctuated by challenges and triumphs. 

From mastering the intricacies of product quality to navigating the dynamics of the global supply chain, Thomas and his team have persevered through sheer dedication and integrity.

As they gear up for the launch of their KapCo-branded keyboard later this year, they also anticipate collaborations with renowned brands like Peanuts, Nik Bental, and Ripndip.

The KapCo has collaborated with designing institute, Mobius Academy /Image Credit: The KapCo

With an eye on expanding their presence in offline retail spaces and securing bulk orders from international markets, Thomas envisions a trajectory of exponential growth for the brand.

In particular, they’re looking to expand their global footprint in China, Canada, and the US, believing that this will bring in more international collaborations and partnerships.

They are also aiming to collaborate with iconic IPs like Star Wars and Marvel to reach new heights of innovation and influence. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce, Thomas Chan wants The KapCo to stand as a beacon of creativity in turning dreams into reality for its dedicated community of keyboard enthusiasts.

  • You can also learn more about The KapCo here.

Featured Image Credit: Thomas Chan, founder of The KapCo

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