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World Conference Workshop News

As part of our World Conference in Boulder in July, FFI is offering a variety of training workshops led by experienced FFI staff and volunteers from around the world. Attending these workshops is a great way to explore a particular topic in more depth and meet colleagues with similar interests.

This year we’ve changed the World Conference format to include even more time for workshops: right after lunch on July 24th and then all day on July 25th.

Workshop topics offered include:
*Workshop list subject to change
  • Planning and Leading an Inspirational Journey
  • Communicating Without a Common Language
  • Characteristics of an Awe-Inspiring Host Program
  • How to Become a “City of Peace”
  • Hosting the Open World Leadership Center Program
  • It’s a Match! How Journeys are Requested and Assigned
  • Characteristics of an Effective FFI Ambassador
  • What Can FFI Regional Support Managers and Field Reps Do for My Club?
  • Attributes of a Strong Club
  • Useful (and FREE) Technology
  • A Perennial Approach to Club Development
  • Hey, You Made the News!: Media Relations for Your Club
  • Friendship Force Website Walkthrough
  • Recruitment for Membership and Journeys
  • Planning an Inbound Global Journey
  • FFI Strategic Plan: How Clubs Can Help FFI Grow
  • What is The Friendship Force?
  • Leadership Happens: Training and Succession Planning
  • Our Inner Force of Peace
  • Social Media to Build Community
  • How to Pack Like a Champ
  • Must-Have Apps On The Go
  • Ready, Set, READ! Preparing for Your Travels
  • Best Practices: Club Websites and Data Security
  • Your Membership Toolkit
  • Sharing a Journey Experience: Photography, Stories, Social Media & More!
  • Marketing for Clubs – Websites & Social Media
*Please note that pre-registration is not required; during the event these workshops will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis and we advise delegates to take their seats at least 5 minutes prior to the workshop session to avoid disappointment.
For more information or to register:
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