Western Regional Super Conference

DATE: January 17, 2018

Western Regional Super Conference

May 3 to 5, 2018

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Elk Grove, California

Dear Friendship Force Member:

The FF Club of Sacramento is pleased and privileged to be coordinating a Super Regional Conference for the 37 clubs within the Western US and Canada.

As you are a member of one of those clubs, we would like to encourage you to consider joining us for this unique experience. We hope our theme, Citizens of a Global Community, will motivate you and your club to move forward to serve within your local communities.

Staff from FFI headquarters will be presenting workshops addressing the issues and future plans of FFI. Our workshops include: Insurance and Mobility Issues; Websites; Journey Coordinator Training; Multigenerational Journeys; Building and Maintaining Membership; Community Involvement – Conducted by our Keynote Speaker; Vetting, Pitfalls and Planning of Global Journeys; Photo Clusters, Using Google Docs and Thinking Outside the Box!

We close the conference with a GALA Mexican style dinner, appropriately on Cinco de Mayo, May 5th. You will be overwhelmed with our dinner presentation by two FF members who sailed their boat from San Francisco to Australia over a two-year period. They stopped along the way to learn about the cultures, provide eyeglasses to island inhabitants, teach, and make friends in every port!

The Presidents’ meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 1 PM, where we hope you can send your President or someone to represent your President. This is a wonderful time for bonding, finding out more about what other clubs are doing, perhaps openings for upcoming Journeys, and just having fun!

Please join us!
Marty McKnew & Pat Ghiglieri
Western Region Field Representatives

Sue Palmer
Mountain States Field Representative

Judy Smith
Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest Field Representative

Mavis Grant
Western Canada Field Representative