Rocky Mountain Region Campaign

Rocky Mountain Regional News — 4/22/2020
RE: FFI Fundraising Campaign in US
Greetings – I hope this finds you and your family well and safe.
The COVID-19 has affected every person all over the world. As FFI club members this has
created a terrible financial situation for the FFI organization.
Jeremi Snook CEO; the Board of Directors and Field Representatives are working on the
Friendship Force Campaign by contacting every club in the US.
The FFI Website is being updated daily with information regarding the Fundraising efforts;
there’s an on-going list of donations from individuals and clubs from all over the world. The
website includes a Blog that has been added for Jeremi to keep all clubs informed with updates.
Check it out:
I held a President/Leaders Meeting in April and invited Marilyn Petersen, Vice Chair on the FFI
Board of Directors, to join us. FFI Board members have been appointed to provide regional
support. Marilyn is the support for the Rocky Mountain Region along with the other regional
clubs on the western part of the US.
Campaign Giving to reach GOAL of $340,000:
– $170 equivalent of FFI fees for one journey per individual
– Monthly recurring donations
– Any amount is appreciated from clubs and members
If you have questions — I’m available along with Marilyn Petersen and Jeremi Snook to answer
questions; and we would be happy to attend Virtual Meetings with clubs.
Thank you
—– In Friendship, Sue Palmer, Field Rep –Rocky Mountain Region