Report on January 13 luncheon

Friendship Force – Report on January 13 Luncheon

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In an effort to keep everyone updated on club activities, dates and upcoming events, we are sending this report with information discussed at yesterday’s luncheon.

Minutes from New Mexico Friendship Force Lunch Meeting 1/13/18

Thank you to the 36 members who attended today’s luncheon at the Elegante. We welcomed 4 guests and 3 new members and we missed those unable to join us. Following are the key points of the meeting:

Welcome and pledges by Mark Vaughan – our 2018 President

Round of appreciations for so much active participation in 2017

We will be alternating monthly luncheon meetings social gatherings. Berta Wagstaff spoke regarding ideas for social events. In February, we will hold a social event instead of our luncheon. On February 18, we will join in a celebration of Chinese New Year at a local restaurant. We have openings for 20 members. Please contact Berta @ 505-710-4448 if you are interested in attending.

Incoming exchange May 3-10 – 18 members from Western North Carolina. A team of five members will be coordinating efforts to plan for this exchange and will be contacting you for your support as well. Cheryl Lehmberg will be the point of contact.

Sign-up sheets and descriptions were available for our out-going exchange to Cedar Rapids in Central Iowa for June 13 – 19. Contact Cheryl Lehmberg @ 972-658-4241 for further information and she will send you a description of the visit.

There will be an international incoming exchange for September 20-27 from the Metro Vancouver Friendship Force Club.

And, finally, Ginger Grossetete introduced our speaker – Joseph Badal – a local author who shared some very interesting information regarding the world of publishing and introduced us to some of his books as well. There were many questions and he was very well received.

Bob and Sue Bowersock