New FFI board members

Dear friends,

As you may all know, the governance of our wonderful organization is overseen by a group of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals whose one goal is to keep Friendship Force healthy so that it continues to thrive and expand well into the future.

Each year, several members step down from the board and new ones are appointed. We are proud to announce this year’s two new appointees: Tracy Mirembe of Kampala, Uganda; and Atiek Widjajanti of Solo-Surakarta, Indonesia.

With these exciting new additions, we must also say goodbye to our three departing board members: Thérèse Vilovar, Jyotsna (Jo) Custead, and Hiroshi Onishi. Thank you for serving the board tirelessly for the last three years!

Please visit the Board of Directors page of our website and take a moment or two to read the biographies of our new members — and the other eight Board of Directors members, too.

Don’t be afraid to make yourselves known to us at conferences or on Journeys –- we need to know what you are thinking.

In friendship,
Bobbie Mulholland
Adelaide, Australia
2020 Board Chair