May 12 luncheon summary

Friendship Force Luncheon 5/12/18 Meeting Summary

Presidential Quote: Acquaintances come and go like the waves on the ocean but true friends stay like an octopus on your face!

Please read or scan for important dates and events – Thank you!

Thank you to Heidi Brown for presenting from KANM regarding New Mexico Music – we learned about and heard four distinct types of music representing New Mexico – Corridos, Polkas, Rancheras, and Cumbias. We welcomed Jan Tenderholt one of the remaining members from the Western North Carolina Friendship Force group to our luncheon.

Overview of Inbound Journey – Western North Carolina

Kudos, Cheers and Much Gratitude are extended to Cheryl Lehmberg and Lenore Pardee for planning and implementing such a successful exchange. With their leadership our club made a grand impression on our visitors. As in all ventures it takes a village to make things possible thus a special thanks to the following:

Home Hosts: Cheryl Lehmberg, Chris and Ken Fenner, Penina Ballen, Nancy Covalt, Alicia and Roland Fletcher, Julie McGaharan and Mark Vaughan, Lenore Pardee, Tom Seamon, and Berta and Don Wagstaff.

Small Group Dinners: Valerie Beaman, Denise Coleman, Julie and Larry Littlefield, Joan and Al Mirabal and Ruth O’Keefe.

Day Hosts: Denise Coleman, David Bower, Sue and Bob Bowersox, and Phil Moskal

Other Super Stars: David Bower – Old Town and Albuquerque Museum Lead Docent and organizer; Mark Vaughan and Dianne Rand – Guides at the Botanical Gardens.

Welcome and Farewell Meals: Wonderfully organized and Delicious – we thank Berta and Don Wagstaff for taking care of us with such TLC!

Mark your calendars for the following journey exchanges:

June 13-19 Outgoing Exchange to Cedar Rapids Iowa. Those attending this exchange are: Veronica and Homer Dale, Lori Enright, Lenore Pardee, Cheryl Lehmberg, Nancy Galbraith, David Hsi, and Ginger Grossetete. We have room for a few more and besides being a really fun trip with great people it is also very inexpensive – a total of $170. Please Contact Cheryl Lehmberg @ 972-658-4241 or to join in the fun!

September 20 – 27 – Incoming International Exchange from Metro Vancouver B.C. – Thank you to Nancy Covalt and Ginger Grossetete for volunteering to coordinate their efforts for this inbound journey. They will be reaching out to our other club members for support in welcoming our international visitors to New Mexico.

Next Year – 2019 – May – Incoming – Austin, TX and New Mexico FF Clubs to host Sunshine Coast Australia. Outgoing – Costal New Hampshire – June 9 – 16. Mark Vaughan, Julie McGaharan and Nancy Galbraith will be our journey coordinators.

Other Announcements:

Our president, Mark Vaughan, attended a regional meeting in Colorado and with the contacts and information learned he will follow up by making connections with other clubs to enhance our options for club journeys. Also note that the 2019 International Friendship Force Conference will be held July 23-27, 2019 in Boulder Colorado – come one come all!

Luncheon and Social Event Dates and Themes:

June 3, 3:00-5:00 – Ice Cream Social @ Mark Vaughan’s home. Berta will be sending out details very soon and asking for RSVP’s.

July 14, 11:30 – Luncheon meeting @ Hotel Elegante – Speaker Lou Montani will share his adventures in the Run for the Wall – the largest and longest organized cross country motorcycle run of its kind in the world! More details as the date gets closer.

July 15th – Wine and Cheese Party @ Judith Mead’s home

August 19 – 3:00-7:00 – Picnic @ Elena Gallegos Double Shelter

September 8, 11:30 – Luncheon meeting with our member Phil Moskal – who will be giving a travel presentation to bring the temples and environs of Anker Wat, Cambodia, to life for our members

October 6, Social Outing to El Rancho de las Golondrinas Harvest Festival

November 10, 11:30 – Luncheon meeting – Come to magical Paris and Spain through the eyes of our member Denise Coleman.

December 8, Christmas Party – Location and Time TBD

Please share your ideas regarding socials and speakers with any of the board members. This club belongs to all of us and the more voices and input the better we become.