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“Looking for happiness? We know where to find it. It’s nestled in a valley in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, about 25 miles northwest of Denver.” – National Geographic

A delightful downtown. Abundant outdoor activities. Exceptional restaurants with mountain views…  We’re looking forward to hosting our 2019 World Conference in the breathtaking city of Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Scroll down to learn more about our 2019 host city, where you will make memories with members and friends throughout Friendship Force.

“Boulder, Colorado, has consistently topped lists of the happiest (and healthiest) cities in America, for many reasons.”  

– National Geographic 
(image c/o Pedro Szekely)

“Facing the Front Range, surrounded by expansive, wildflower-dotted fields, Boulder is often called a city within a park.”  

– Fodors

“Boulder may be one of the fittest cities in the nation, but it’s also one of the foodiest.”  

– Travel Boulder

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