June journey to Iowa

Dear FFNM Friends,

We have room for more people to join us in this upcoming June 13 – 19 journey to Cedar Rapids/Iowa City.
The closest/best airport if in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. American, United and Delta fly there. All the airlines require a connection in either Denver or Dallas. My research shows rates of about $400. The dates can be adjusted if we can get better air rates by travelling a day earlier or later.

The cost is $10/night times 7 = $70 to FFI plus $135 to the host club for a total of $205.

In Friendship,
Cheryl Lehmberg

Greetings from FF of Cedar Rapids/Iowa City!

The Friendship Force of Cedar Rapids/Iowa City invites you to be our guests June 13-19, 2018. We invite you into our homes while we explore the heritage of our area.

Our city tour might include the National Czech and Slovak Museum, New Bohemian Market, Downtown Farmers’ Market, Brucemore Mansion, Veterans Memorial, City Hall on Mays Island and 5 Turner Alley, where regional artist, Grant Wood created the most parodied painting ever, American Gothic. In June 2008, a flood affected 10 square miles of our city, with all but one of the downtown bridges were underwater. Over 1,200 homes were demolished and many businesses in the area renovated or relocated. Cedar Rapids now has a state of the art library and a beautiful fully renovated Paramount Theater due to flood repairs.

We may spend a day in Kalona, where Mennonite and Amish traditions continue. The Amana Colonies showcase 7 German villages, once part of a religious communal lifestyle in the late 1800’s, now offering modern hospitality. Industries of the colonies include a brewery, woolen mills, furniture making, smoked meats and shops.

A visit to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch is planned. Hoover was born in a two room cottage in rural West Branch, orphaned at a young age, graduated from Stanford, traveled the world as a geologist, then a humanitarian feeding Europe after WWI before becoming the 31st President of the United States. You may want to bring your Presidential Library Passport!

Optional choices include a trip to the Mississippi River, Field of Dreams baseball field or Antique Archeology, home of the American Pickers tv show.