Invitation to discover Sierra Leone


Time is running out to sign up for this Journey to Sierra Leone!
Journey Coordinator Invitation
Members of Friendship Force Bo gather outside of the Believes Assembly Ministries.
An Introduction to Sierra Leone
April 13 to April 23, 2019
Holiday greetings to you all!

This is not a request for an end-of-year donation, but rather an invitation to think charitably about a donation of your time and travel budget to the Journey to Sierra Leone with me.

When I’ve approached friends about joining me on this Journey, I’ve gotten responses like “Not on my bucket list” to “Not interested at this time.”  These made me reflect seriously on my motivation in taking on this challenge in the realization that it might be a hard sell.

I see this Journey as the true embodiment of the Friendship Force pledge for “cultural understanding, global friendship building and to make the world a more peaceful place.”

Two clubs that have worked hard for their first-ever inbound Journey. And the country of Sierra Leone has done the hard work of settling a decade-long civil war, though they were then hit with an Ebola outbreak 12 years later. However, Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free in 2016, and that year, Sierra Leone was described as the fastest growing destination by the UN World Tourism Organization. 
Given that many world tourist destinations are being overrun, it is even more important that we encourage our members to explore new destinations as a way of promoting cultural understanding.  Here’s a British rave about the appeal Sierra Leone holds for Europeans looking to travel south this time of year.
But our Journey is not about places, but about faces. Clubs in both Freetown, the capital and largest city, and Bo, the second largest city and capital of the southern region, are busy preparing for our arrival. They have a designed a program to give Friendship Force maximum exposure to both the country’s leadership in Freetown and tribal leaders in Bo.  
So even if Sierra Leone is not on your bucket list, I invite you to join me in furthering the mission of Friendship Force in Africa, and to make new friends in that part of the world.

Since there are visas to procure and vaccinations to acquire before the Journey, we ask that applications be returned to me by January 13, 2019 at the special address I’ve set up for that

Thanks for your consideration, and again, all the best to you and yours for a joyous new year. Make peace break out around the world!

In Friendship,
Teresa Wilkin, FF Greater Olympia
Journey Coordinator, An Introduction to Sierra Leone

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The dates of this Journey are April 13 to April 23, 2019. The cost is $1550 USD and includes FFI and host fees, local transportation between sites and most entry fees, and last night’s lodging at Family Kingdom Resort.