From our new FFNM president

  • Happy Holiday and Happy New Year
    Dear Friends
    My name is Bill Bertenshaw. I will be your president for the coming
    year. As this year comes to a close I have had a chance to reflect on the
    accomplishments of the past year board of directors and their
    administration along with all the members that work so hard to
    improve our club. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
    The New Year is drawing to a close and I am excited about the
    opportunities and challenges that we together will face. The
    development of a number of committees will help in
    coordinating our membership, our social programs, improvement
    to our web site and to both inbound and outbound journeys.
    Thank you again and have Happy Holidays for you and yours.
    See you in 2020.
    Bill Bertenshaw