Fortifying the future of Friendship Force

Dear Club Presidents, Club Boards, Club Leaders and Members everywhere,

Warm greetings from the FFI staff and board of directors.

Here at FFI Headquarters, we have all been working hard to create a substantial 2018-2021 Strategic Plan that will enrich the future of our programs and bring to clubs, everywhere, a new sense of buoyancy.

Following the generosity of clubs and members everywhere during the “I’m In!” campaign, our new data system is up and running beautifully – opening doors we hardly dared to dream of before. Now, of course, our challenge is to institute those options, one at a time, as finances allow.

What we are hoping for now is a concerted effort for renewal throughout Friendship Force. Retaining our beloved long-term members, gaining new members, developing new programs, and a real sense of optimism for what we can achieve together.

We can assure you that we are all doing everything we can to provide the platforms for you and your members to enjoy a rich future, and we are trusting that leadership in our clubs will do everything they can to support our efforts. What we know is that achievement, on the level we envisage, will not be accomplished without the acceptance of a level of change.

At this most interesting juncture in the life of Friendship Force, we are compelled to face a whole new realm of challenges, most particularly in the way the generations communicate. People have not changed – just the way we do things – and this concept needs to be at the center of how Friendship Force, at all levels of leadership, moves forward. In this, we ask for your collaboration.

While your program and membership fees support the organization as it exists now, we need your help to grow and evolve. Large donations are not possible for many of us, but there are other small ways to give. For the price of a take-out coffee, movie ticket, new book, or dinner out each month, you can make a donation to the organization which has provided such unique friendship-building experiences for each of us.

Please consider how much you might be able to set aside each month to donate to the FFI Annual Fund and support initiatives such as:
New Club Development and Club Support
Scholarships and Leadership Development
Language Translation Services
There is so much more we could say about the efforts under way to fortify Friendship Force’s future. So stay tuned, stay connected, and please, carefully digest the Strategic Plan when it arrives, being prepared to adopt and support proposed concepts.

In warmest friendship,

Jyotsna (Jo) Custead
Board Chair — Saskatoon, Canada

Bobbie Mulholland
Board Vice Chair — Adelaide, Australia