FFNM events and request for input

August 5, 2020


May y’all be in good health and  taking advantage of the down time we are all  experiencing!
Do you get excited when there is a need to go grocery shopping or you have a medical appointment or you get an invitation?!  Little did we know that it is the simple things that have become something to look forward to!!!
Regrettably, the progressive brunch scheduled for this month has been cancelled due to the current mass gathering limited to 5!!!
Don and I were invited by Marjorie Bahm, one of our FF members, to the Amazing Albuquerque Chase promoted by The Trolley Company.  Boy!  talk about being excited to be invited to something new and different!
The event took place this past Saturday and we enjoyed it so much we would like to modify it and offer it to the FF members!!  It is a combination of  a road rally and a scavenger hunt!  All you need is a car and a mobile phone to participate!   You can have up to 5 people enjoy the event by getting out of the house and hitting the streets!
It would last about 2 hours.  If there was enough interest, we could possibly schedule it the end of August to take the place of the progressive brunch.  Saturday, August 29.
We have the potential of holding another Zoom gathering with guest speaker, Chief Pete Heald, regarding Climate Change.  This would be our September “luncheon” meeting.
Another possible event is  watching a movie virtually and then discussing the movie amongst us!  This was one of the events y’all voted on; however, this would now be virtual!!  This is tentatively scheduled for October, if there is still interest.
November, we have Ms. Camilla Dodson, a Chautauqua Speaker.  She will describe the role of music in the traditional African society using drumming!  It is hoped by then, we will be able to meet at the Ramada Midtown.
The intent is to maintain a cohesiveness within our membership and perhaps get better acquainted with one another.
Friends, your input would be very much appreciated. regarding the events briefly mentioned above.
1.  Are you interested in having an Albuquerque Chase Rally?
2.  Are the Zoom gatherings mentioned of interest to you – Climate Change & a movie with discussion
May I please hear from you by Tuesday, August 4, to help me ascertain how I move forward with events.
I am grateful for your support!!
A World of Friends Is A World of Peace!
PS:  A BIG thank you to one of our new members, Maguy Larochelle, of Santa Fe, who has volunteered to manage the Club’s facebook!!!