FFNM: Elections and luncheon

August 21, 2020


How’s it going?!  Lots of news to share with you!!!
I want to thank those members that replied with suggestions regarding the livelihood of our Club and even better for those that VOLUNTEERED to inject new ideas and provide support by taking on the roles of Vice President & Secretary!!!!!!!  In addition, one of our newest members has VOLUNTEERED to be in charge of our Facebook account!!  Did you know we had one?!  Well things are going to change with the help of Maguy Larochelle (mflroche@gmail.com) who lives in Santa Fe!!
Co Vice Presidents:  Dianne Rand – grandgusto@yahoo.com
                                  Phil Moskal- pgmoskal@gmail.com
Secretary:  Lori Enright – lorienright@hotmail.com
We now have a full Board of Directors for 2021!!!!
President:  Bill Bertenshaw – billbertenshaw1@gmail.com
Co Vice Presidents:  Dianne Rand ( grandgusto@yahoo.com )& Phil Moskal ( pgmoskal@gmail.com )
Secretary:  Lori Enright – lorienright@hotmail.com
Treasurer:  Lenora Pardee – lenorerp@aol.com
An official notice will be emailed to y’all and perhaps we can all vote virtually in October! More details will be forthcoming!!!
PLEASE express your appreciation to the individuals who have stepped forward to take on the challenges of injecting life into our Club and making a difference as we move forward!!!
ZOOM Luncheon
Our guest speaker for our September event was recommended by our member, Penina Ballen.
He is Chief Peter Heald,  co-founder and co-chair of the New Mexico Chapter of Climate Reality, an international organization whose mission is to engage leaders and citizens to take urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and speed the global shift to renewables.

The talk will be about the real progress being made to make things right with the planet.
What does it mean for us in NM?   Specific climate related issues that face New Mexico will be addressed.  The presentation will focus on a range of solutions, as well as enough information to enable and hopefully change concern into action!
Date:  Saturday, September 12
Time:  11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Cost:  FREE in the comfort of your home!
RSVP: vets4vets@aol.com OR call/text 505-710-4448
            please do so no later than Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Let’s increase our attendance!!
Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner?
It seems our interests/desires have changed since the survey was conducted in December regarding what the membership would like!!
Regrettably, there is not much interest in watching a movie with discussion to follow!  I need to know how many of you feel comfortable spending a couple of hours having a meal with no more than 6.  It wouldn’t have to be a meal, it could be wine and cheese, or dessert, or…
I need your input regarding how many would be interested in a small gathering and I need ideas that y’all would be willing to participate in.  OR
Should all our gatherings be ZOOM?!
We need to maintain contact with each other.  You are missed by me!!
May I please hear from ALL of you?!