FFNM Bristol, England, journey

From Nancy Galbraith:
Greetings Fellow Travelers,

Our club has been given the opportunity to travel and stay in
Bristol England in Sept. 2020. The date for this journey is Sept 9-
16. 2020.
I have contacted several of the clubs in the surrounding cities of
England hoping to gain an extra week journey for us. I was
unsuccessful in getting any clubs to want to host us. I also
reached out to the FFI contact person for Europe and Great
Britain and they also said that no other clubs have availability to
host us a second week.
So…..This email is a 2 fold inquiry.
Are you interested in the Bristol England journey?
Would you also be interested in extending your time in the
south of England for an additional 5 days in the town of
Salisbury after our stay in Bristol?
Salisbury is approximately an 1.5 hour train ride from Bristol.
Salisbury would be a central location to visit some of the points
in the surrounding areas such as:
Old Sarum
Salisbury Cathedral.
National Museum of Royal Navy
Mompesson House
Windsor Castle and Eton (extended train ride) possibility???

I have not planned out the exact itinerary yet for those 5 days
but as you can see from the list there is many historical sites and
national trust places to visit.
I learned about lodging in Salisbury called Sarum College. The
accommodations are very reasonable and would include
breakfast. The cost for a single room is 77 pounds ($99) per
night or shared room 55 pounds($71) per night. This college is
located very close to the Cathedral and I understand that other
FFI clubs have stayed with them in the past.
Sept. is a busy time of year for them and so they are asking me to
reserve the rooms now to ensure that we get that time frame.
This reservation would require a deposit. This seems like a very
budget minded way to extend our time in Southern England.
As a side note I did contact a travel company that FFI Atlanta
recommended and they were quoting me approximately $250.00
per day for visiting this area or Devon/Cornwall part of England.
That price did include two meals and a guide.
So what I need to know ASAP from each of you is the
Are you interested in the Bristol exchange?
Are you interested in doing a second stay in Salisbury for 5


Please get back to me immediately with your responses.
Thank You,
Nancy Galbraith