Changes due to Covid-19

Notes from Bill Bertenshaw, president

 As all of you are aware, the spread of the Coronavirus has made significant changes in all of our plans.

Following is the latest news regarding our club activities.

1.  The March 14 luncheon was cancelled —  The speaker has been re-scheduled for the Nov. 14th luncheon

2.  FFI has cancelled ALL Journeys until after May 31

3.  Cedar Rapids Journey to FFNM has been cancelled

4.  The Wine and Cheese event scheduled for April 27 is cancelled

5.  Penticton-Okanagan, Canada, club has cancelled our club planned Outbound Journey to them

6.  Our Outbound Journey to Saskatoon, Canada, is scheduled for June 18-25.  All preliminary arrangements have been made and Saskatoon is hoping that the threat of the virus will have passed and they can host us.  Diane Rand, Phil Moskal and Lori Enright are our Journey  Coordinators and are staying current with the situation and in contact with  Saskatoon.

 7.  Nancy Galbraith is our Journey Coordinator to Bristol, England, September 9-16. No specific information on that trip at this time

 8.  Greater Hamilton – Burlington, Canada, is scheduled to visit us October 21-28 and go to  Phoenix for their 2nd week.  This is a firm trip and we NEED A JOURNEY COORDINATOR.

 9.  FFI has sent our club their Domestic Journey assignments for 2021.  They are Outbound: Southern New Jersey, USA, and Inbound:  National Capitol Area.USA

 The club will be in touch when there is more news.

Stay Well

Bill Bertenshaw  President