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Del Valdez Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

Del Valdez was president of Friendship Force New Mexico in 1991, outbound exchange director for Japan in 1988 and inbound exchange director for Japan in 1991. He died a few years later, and his daughters donated a sum to FFI in his memory. The then-president, Rich Williams, at the Christmas party in 1996, made an award of an honorary lifetime membership to Bert and Imogene Lindsay. Bert was appointed the state representative for FFI in New Mexico in 1978 and was instrumental in setting up FFNM’s first exchange (to Korea) in 1979. He and Imogene were charter members and active in the club since the beginning.

Later presidents have continued awarding an honorary lifetime membership to members who have made outstanding contributions in furthering the goals and objectives of the Friendship Force.

1996 (December) — Bert and Imogene Lindsay, charter members

1997 (December) — Evelyn Thole, charter member

1998 (December) — Joseph and Peggy Birmingham, charter members

2000 (December) — Flora Giovannetti, charter member

2002 (December) — Al Abbott, charter member

2004 (June) — Florence Reynolds, charter member

2005 (May) — Betty Boxx

2005 (December) — Nelle Conway

2008 (March) — Gertrude Ferriman

2009 (January) — Mel and Grace Bork

2009 (December) — Carbon & Marjorie Wolfe