A year-end message from FFI’s 2019 board chair

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Dear Friends,

2019 – our 43rd year – has been a good one for Friendship Force.

We are fortunate to have amongst our membership so many committed volunteer leaders who ensure that Journeys continue, keep our clubs operating, and fully understand the absolute importance of our existence in a world that often has difficulty getting its act together. To every single member everywhere, thank you for your participation in 2019.

Thank you for traveling on Journeys, thank you for hosting, thank you for providing meals, thank you for spreading the word, thank you for contributing financial support, and thank you for simply being a member.

Those of us whose history with Friendship Force goes back a long way may find it difficult to cope with the ways in which modern living has altered the structure of clubs. However, there is more than one way to handle this scenario and, believe me, the staff, CEO, and Board of Directors are dedicated to finding the best way forward. Like they say in the movies –

“No Friendship Force member has been, or will be harmed in the making of this future.”

It is wonderful to think back on everything that has happened over these almost 43 years – the hosts and ambassadors on Journeys that have formed innumerable friendships, the joy and excitement shared when learning about those different than ourselves, and the many lessons learned along the way!

Ours is an organization for all people and all time. Its future is in our hands. Let’s each of us play our part.

In friendship and peace,