A Note to Members

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It seems impossible to turn on the television or your device without seeing news of natural disasters, unspeakable violence, and political divisiveness all around our world. As members of an international, friendship-building organization with social connections that span the globe, we can’t ignore what our friends might be facing on the other side of the world – or even just a short plane ride away. As ambassadors, eager to meet new friends on a planned Journey, our excitement may be dampened by concern when hearing troubling reports.

Perhaps you are traveling to Australia as they face the worst fire season in its history. Or maybe you are facing worsening divisions in your home country or in the destination of your next Journey. While these events can cause us to reevaluate our plans, now more than ever it is important that we go.

Go to a place where new friends are eagerly awaiting your arrival. Go to a place where friendship and peace are desperately needed. Go on a new adventure that will bring you expanded world views, friendships, and understanding.

As with any Journey, we encourage you to do your research and make sure your plans are safe. But also know that your friends (both old and new) want you to come. They want you to experience their culture. They want you to know them – most especially in the face of hardships.

This year, make it a point to open your home to at least one new friend, and, when the opportunity arises to explore and expand your horizons, go.

In Friendship,

Jeremi Snook, CEO & President