October small group lunches

Guess Who Is Coming to Lunch?!
Due to a very favorable response to having an October social event for a meal in small groups, I am asking for RSVPs for those who will be attending.
The event is, Guess Who Is Coming to Lunch?!
There are 4 host/ess:
The first 20 who RSVP  will be participating in the event!!
Host/ess will provide the main entree (whatever you would like!)
Guests will be assigned to bring one of the following when the RSVP has been confirmed:
Appetizer, side dish, dessert, or refreshment (you decide what you will bring AFTER your RSVP has been confirmed and you have been ASSIGNED a category)
Please make enough for 6.
You will find out where you will be having lunch and who will be joining you for lunch, when you arrive at the host/ess’ home.
Date:  Saturday, October 10
Time:  11:30-1:30
RSVP:  no later than Saturday, Oct 3, to vets4vets@aol.com
             OR text/call 505-710-4448  Limited to 20.
 Let’s get reacquainted!!!  It should be fun!!
PS:  This has been done before and found to be very entertaining and successful!