Metro Vancouver incoming journey

FFNM Friends:

Nancy Covalt will serve as the Journey Coordinator and Ginger Grossetete will serve as Assistant Coordinator for the upcoming visit of the Ambassadors from Metro Vancouver, September 20-27, 2018.

At this time we are soliciting volunteers to assist us in making this a memorable visit to New Mexico. We need the following:

1. Home hosts for couples and singles

2. Day Hosts (includes transportation)

3. Hosts for small dinner parties.

4. Drivers for Acoma and Bandelier National Park

5. Please notify us if you have memberships in organizations that provide discounts to help cut costs and/or Senior Pass for National Parks & Recreation Lands pass.

A day to day itinerary is being developed and will be available soon.

Nancy Covalt 505-345-1337
Ginger Grossetete 505-332-3080


Super-regional summary

Greetings –

Western Super-Regional Conference in Sacramento/Elk Grove, California

In May, I had the pleasure of attending the first Western Super-Regional Conference hosted by the Sacramento California Friendship Force club. The conference was attended by 122 members from clubs from the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, West Coast and Western Canada Regions including clubs in: Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

The conference was kicked off with a “Welcome” from Steve Ly, mayor of Elk Grove. The keynote speaker was Joy Justus, outreach manager of World Relief Sacramento. She has been working with refugees through World Relief since 2012. Her presentation included a panel of refugees who gave firsthand accounts of their story. It was interesting and very “heartfelt”.

The conference included workshops on travel insurance, domestic journeys, leadership, recruitment, global journeys, using google docs, and sharing club photography worldwide. There was plenty of time to socialize, take morning walks, enjoy meals together and a fun Cinco De Mayo Gala Dinner! Sacramento FF Club did a wonderful job planning and hosting. I ended my travels with a Mystery Mini Journey in Sacramento.


The World Conference will be held July 23 through 27, 2019, on the CU campus.

You might ask “Why CU in Boulder for the 2019 conference?

Jeremi’s message: Using an academic backdrop for the venue will communicate our “Mission” and experience a new direction for the 2019 World Conference and future World Conferences. The goal is to train members and leaders and have a general feeling to inspire and excite attendees toward our mission. The conference agenda will include 2 days of education/sharing, general business; and 2 days of activities, socializing events.

At a president’s meeting in April we discussed the details of the conference. Ideas and activities were suggested. Presidents will ask for volunteers from each club to serve on the planning committee. Coordinating pre- and post- conference homestays in the region was also discussed.

Stayed tuned for more on the 2019 World Conference.

In Friendship, Sue Palmer, Rocky Mountain Regional Field Rep


Quebec journey

Please send this out to all your members.

Brazil canceled out on a journey to Sherbrooke, Quebec, scheduled for August 2nd through 8th, so they are looking for Friendship Force members to fill the vacancy. Fees are $315 total ($150 to Sherbrooke and $165 to Atlanta). We have been able to get 7 people to commit to a new journey, same dates. Sherbrooke will take no less than 10 and no more than 15 ambassadors. If anyone is interested, we need to know quickly so Sherbrooke can plan on hosting. Please call or email me ASAP so I can let the coordinators know.

Thank you.

Judi Smith, Field Rep from the Pacific North West

Ice cream social

Join Friendship Force in welcoming summer with a nice drive to the North Valley and have an array of ice cream waiting for you!!! Bring a friend or two, who enjoy having a good time and meeting people – we’d like to expand our Club with your help!!

Date: Sunday, June 3, 2018
Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Place: Mark Vaughan’s home – 304 Calle Leon NW – driving/directions

RSVP: no later than Thursday, May 31, 2018 to and indicate the number in your party OR call 899-0236 (Berta)

It’s warm out there! Let’s chill together!

May Journey catalogue

Travel the world. Be welcomed into someone’s home. Immerse yourself in their local culture. Invite travelers from other places into your own home and proudly share your culture with them.


Campinas and Piracicaba, Brazil — July 16 to July 29, 2018

Bicycle Tour Through the Ruhr Valley — September 7 to September 14, 2018

Discover Hungary — September 20 to September 26, 2018

Cairo, Egypt — October 17 to October 24, 2018

Discover Iceland and Northern Lights — November 1 to November 5, 2018

Discover Kenya — November 2 to November 9, 2018

Fortaleza and the Amazon Village, Brazil — November 7 to November 19, 2018

Looking for more? Try browsing the catalog, or check out the *NEW* searchable List of All Upcoming Journeys here!

Don’t see what you’re looking for in the catalog entry? Don’t forget to click on the “Itinerary” and “Details” tabs at the top of each entry, underneath the main photo!

Our mailing address is:
Friendship Force International
400 West Peachtree Street NW
Suite #4 – 980
Atlanta, GA 30308

May 12 luncheon summary

Friendship Force Luncheon 5/12/18 Meeting Summary

Presidential Quote: Acquaintances come and go like the waves on the ocean but true friends stay like an octopus on your face!

Please read or scan for important dates and events – Thank you!

Thank you to Heidi Brown for presenting from KANM regarding New Mexico Music – we learned about and heard four distinct types of music representing New Mexico – Corridos, Polkas, Rancheras, and Cumbias. We welcomed Jan Tenderholt one of the remaining members from the Western North Carolina Friendship Force group to our luncheon.

Overview of Inbound Journey – Western North Carolina

Kudos, Cheers and Much Gratitude are extended to Cheryl Lehmberg and Lenore Pardee for planning and implementing such a successful exchange. With their leadership our club made a grand impression on our visitors. As in all ventures it takes a village to make things possible thus a special thanks to the following:

Home Hosts: Cheryl Lehmberg, Chris and Ken Fenner, Penina Ballen, Nancy Covalt, Alicia and Roland Fletcher, Julie McGaharan and Mark Vaughan, Lenore Pardee, Tom Seamon, and Berta and Don Wagstaff.

Small Group Dinners: Valerie Beaman, Denise Coleman, Julie and Larry Littlefield, Joan and Al Mirabal and Ruth O’Keefe.

Day Hosts: Denise Coleman, David Bower, Sue and Bob Bowersox, and Phil Moskal

Other Super Stars: David Bower – Old Town and Albuquerque Museum Lead Docent and organizer; Mark Vaughan and Dianne Rand – Guides at the Botanical Gardens.

Welcome and Farewell Meals: Wonderfully organized and Delicious – we thank Berta and Don Wagstaff for taking care of us with such TLC!

Mark your calendars for the following journey exchanges:

June 13-19 Outgoing Exchange to Cedar Rapids Iowa. Those attending this exchange are: Veronica and Homer Dale, Lori Enright, Lenore Pardee, Cheryl Lehmberg, Nancy Galbraith, David Hsi, and Ginger Grossetete. We have room for a few more and besides being a really fun trip with great people it is also very inexpensive – a total of $170. Please Contact Cheryl Lehmberg @ 972-658-4241 or to join in the fun!

September 20 – 27 – Incoming International Exchange from Metro Vancouver B.C. – Thank you to Nancy Covalt and Ginger Grossetete for volunteering to coordinate their efforts for this inbound journey. They will be reaching out to our other club members for support in welcoming our international visitors to New Mexico.

Next Year – 2019 – May – Incoming – Austin, TX and New Mexico FF Clubs to host Sunshine Coast Australia. Outgoing – Costal New Hampshire – June 9 – 16. Mark Vaughan, Julie McGaharan and Nancy Galbraith will be our journey coordinators.

Other Announcements:

Our president, Mark Vaughan, attended a regional meeting in Colorado and with the contacts and information learned he will follow up by making connections with other clubs to enhance our options for club journeys. Also note that the 2019 International Friendship Force Conference will be held July 23-27, 2019 in Boulder Colorado – come one come all!

Luncheon and Social Event Dates and Themes:

June 3, 3:00-5:00 – Ice Cream Social @ Mark Vaughan’s home. Berta will be sending out details very soon and asking for RSVP’s.

July 14, 11:30 – Luncheon meeting @ Hotel Elegante – Speaker Lou Montani will share his adventures in the Run for the Wall – the largest and longest organized cross country motorcycle run of its kind in the world! More details as the date gets closer.

July 15th – Wine and Cheese Party @ Judith Mead’s home

August 19 – 3:00-7:00 – Picnic @ Elena Gallegos Double Shelter

September 8, 11:30 – Luncheon meeting with our member Phil Moskal – who will be giving a travel presentation to bring the temples and environs of Anker Wat, Cambodia, to life for our members

October 6, Social Outing to El Rancho de las Golondrinas Harvest Festival

November 10, 11:30 – Luncheon meeting – Come to magical Paris and Spain through the eyes of our member Denise Coleman.

December 8, Christmas Party – Location and Time TBD

Please share your ideas regarding socials and speakers with any of the board members. This club belongs to all of us and the more voices and input the better we become.

May 12 luncheon


Saturday, May 12, 11:30 am, Hotel Eleganté


Our May meeting will feature guest speaker Heidi Brown from radio station KANW, 89.1 FM, whose topic will be the Music of New Mexico, certainly one of the most unique cultural aspects of our great state.

Heidi is Director of Development and Marketing for KANW and has worked in various capacities in the broadcast industry in New Mexico. She will share a collection of different music styles representing New Mexico and explain their history and special qualities. There will be some “give-aways” and perhaps a chance for those who choose to dance to the tunes of some of our local musical artists.

KANW began in 1949 as a station serving the Albuquerque Public Schools and added programming about the special music of New Mexico in 1973, programming which continues today. In 1999, the station became associated with National Public Radio.

Be sure to join us to enhance your knowledge of the Musicology of New Mexico.

Reservations for May’s luncheon are due no later than Wednesday, May 9, and may be made by calling Sue Bowersock, 298-4947 or emailing her at

PLACE: Hotel Eleganté, 2020 Menaul Blvd. NE
DATE: Saturday, May 12, 2018
TIME: 11:30 am
COST: $14.00 per person (Checks, made out to FFNM, are preferred)
NOTE: The Club must pay the hotel for all reservations. If you make a reservation and do not attend, you will be billed $14.00 for each reservation.


June journey to Iowa

Dear FFNM Friends,

We have room for more people to join us in this upcoming June 13 – 19 journey to Cedar Rapids/Iowa City.
The closest/best airport if in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. American, United and Delta fly there. All the airlines require a connection in either Denver or Dallas. My research shows rates of about $400. The dates can be adjusted if we can get better air rates by travelling a day earlier or later.

The cost is $10/night times 7 = $70 to FFI plus $135 to the host club for a total of $205.

In Friendship,
Cheryl Lehmberg

Greetings from FF of Cedar Rapids/Iowa City!

The Friendship Force of Cedar Rapids/Iowa City invites you to be our guests June 13-19, 2018. We invite you into our homes while we explore the heritage of our area.

Our city tour might include the National Czech and Slovak Museum, New Bohemian Market, Downtown Farmers’ Market, Brucemore Mansion, Veterans Memorial, City Hall on Mays Island and 5 Turner Alley, where regional artist, Grant Wood created the most parodied painting ever, American Gothic. In June 2008, a flood affected 10 square miles of our city, with all but one of the downtown bridges were underwater. Over 1,200 homes were demolished and many businesses in the area renovated or relocated. Cedar Rapids now has a state of the art library and a beautiful fully renovated Paramount Theater due to flood repairs.

We may spend a day in Kalona, where Mennonite and Amish traditions continue. The Amana Colonies showcase 7 German villages, once part of a religious communal lifestyle in the late 1800’s, now offering modern hospitality. Industries of the colonies include a brewery, woolen mills, furniture making, smoked meats and shops.

A visit to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch is planned. Hoover was born in a two room cottage in rural West Branch, orphaned at a young age, graduated from Stanford, traveled the world as a geologist, then a humanitarian feeding Europe after WWI before becoming the 31st President of the United States. You may want to bring your Presidential Library Passport!

Optional choices include a trip to the Mississippi River, Field of Dreams baseball field or Antique Archeology, home of the American Pickers tv show.

Farewell dinner

Dear FFNM Friends,

Please join us to wish farewell to the Western North Carolinian ambassadors at 6:00 pm on Wednesday May 9 at Elena Gallegos Park. $12.00/person for a great BBQ and camaraderie. Alcohol is allowed provided it are not in glass containers!

Space is limited and so it will be on a first come basis. RSVP to Berta Wagstaff by May 4.

Home hosts are already included and do not need to respond.

In Friendship,
Cheryl Lehmberg