Official FFNM club call

Good day to everyone.

The purpose of this email is to let everyone know that as of this time we have not had a volunteer  to assume the office of president next year for our club. November 2018 is the month that I need to notify FFI in Atlanta and let them know the name and email of the person taking my place as president for 2019. If we don’t have a replacement, our club will lose its Charter Membership status, no longer qualify as a recognized club and be dissolved. Sixteen current members, as well as many past members, have held the office and have helped successfully grow our club into what it is today. This really is the last call in hopes that someone will step up and take my place to carry on.

If anyone has questions concerning what will be required of you to serve for one year, please contact me at: 505 379-3191.

In Friendship,

Mark Vaughan