FFNM virtual luncheon Sept. 12

August 30, 2020

How’s it going?!  We have a virtual luncheon to look forward to scheduled for Saturday, September 12.
Our featured speaker is Chief Peter Heald, co-founder and co-chair of the New Mexico chapter of Climate Reality, an international organization whose mission is to engage leaders and citizens to take urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and speed the global shift to renewables.
July 2020 was the warmest month on record. Nine of the ten hottest years on record have occurred since 2000. It’s clear that climate change is  here, it is happening now!  What does it mean for us in NM? Heald will talk about what can be done on a personal, community, regional and global level. Specific climate related issues that face New Mexico as well as problems that all of humanity will face will be discussed.  The presentation will focus on a range of solutions.

Please make your reservations no later than Thursday,  September 10, by calling or texting Berta Wagstaff at 505-710-4448 or emailing her at vets4vets@aol.com.

PLACE:       In the comfort of your home!

DATE:         Saturday, September 12, 2020

TIME:              11:30 am

Your support is very much appreciated!

A World of Friends is a world of PEACE

FFNM: Elections and luncheon

August 21, 2020


How’s it going?!  Lots of news to share with you!!!
I want to thank those members that replied with suggestions regarding the livelihood of our Club and even better for those that VOLUNTEERED to inject new ideas and provide support by taking on the roles of Vice President & Secretary!!!!!!!  In addition, one of our newest members has VOLUNTEERED to be in charge of our Facebook account!!  Did you know we had one?!  Well things are going to change with the help of Maguy Larochelle (mflroche@gmail.com) who lives in Santa Fe!!
Co Vice Presidents:  Dianne Rand – grandgusto@yahoo.com
                                  Phil Moskal- pgmoskal@gmail.com
Secretary:  Lori Enright – lorienright@hotmail.com
We now have a full Board of Directors for 2021!!!!
President:  Bill Bertenshaw – billbertenshaw1@gmail.com
Co Vice Presidents:  Dianne Rand ( grandgusto@yahoo.com )& Phil Moskal ( pgmoskal@gmail.com )
Secretary:  Lori Enright – lorienright@hotmail.com
Treasurer:  Lenora Pardee – lenorerp@aol.com
An official notice will be emailed to y’all and perhaps we can all vote virtually in October! More details will be forthcoming!!!
PLEASE express your appreciation to the individuals who have stepped forward to take on the challenges of injecting life into our Club and making a difference as we move forward!!!
ZOOM Luncheon
Our guest speaker for our September event was recommended by our member, Penina Ballen.
He is Chief Peter Heald,  co-founder and co-chair of the New Mexico Chapter of Climate Reality, an international organization whose mission is to engage leaders and citizens to take urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and speed the global shift to renewables.

The talk will be about the real progress being made to make things right with the planet.
What does it mean for us in NM?   Specific climate related issues that face New Mexico will be addressed.  The presentation will focus on a range of solutions, as well as enough information to enable and hopefully change concern into action!
Date:  Saturday, September 12
Time:  11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Cost:  FREE in the comfort of your home!
RSVP: vets4vets@aol.com OR call/text 505-710-4448
            please do so no later than Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Let’s increase our attendance!!
Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner?
It seems our interests/desires have changed since the survey was conducted in December regarding what the membership would like!!
Regrettably, there is not much interest in watching a movie with discussion to follow!  I need to know how many of you feel comfortable spending a couple of hours having a meal with no more than 6.  It wouldn’t have to be a meal, it could be wine and cheese, or dessert, or…
I need your input regarding how many would be interested in a small gathering and I need ideas that y’all would be willing to participate in.  OR
Should all our gatherings be ZOOM?!
We need to maintain contact with each other.  You are missed by me!!
May I please hear from ALL of you?!  

FFNM events and request for input

August 5, 2020


May y’all be in good health and  taking advantage of the down time we are all  experiencing!
Do you get excited when there is a need to go grocery shopping or you have a medical appointment or you get an invitation?!  Little did we know that it is the simple things that have become something to look forward to!!!
Regrettably, the progressive brunch scheduled for this month has been cancelled due to the current mass gathering limited to 5!!!
Don and I were invited by Marjorie Bahm, one of our FF members, to the Amazing Albuquerque Chase promoted by The Trolley Company.  Boy!  talk about being excited to be invited to something new and different!
The event took place this past Saturday and we enjoyed it so much we would like to modify it and offer it to the FF members!!  It is a combination of  a road rally and a scavenger hunt!  All you need is a car and a mobile phone to participate!   You can have up to 5 people enjoy the event by getting out of the house and hitting the streets!
It would last about 2 hours.  If there was enough interest, we could possibly schedule it the end of August to take the place of the progressive brunch.  Saturday, August 29.
We have the potential of holding another Zoom gathering with guest speaker, Chief Pete Heald, regarding Climate Change.  This would be our September “luncheon” meeting.
Another possible event is  watching a movie virtually and then discussing the movie amongst us!  This was one of the events y’all voted on; however, this would now be virtual!!  This is tentatively scheduled for October, if there is still interest.
November, we have Ms. Camilla Dodson, a Chautauqua Speaker.  She will describe the role of music in the traditional African society using drumming!  It is hoped by then, we will be able to meet at the Ramada Midtown.
The intent is to maintain a cohesiveness within our membership and perhaps get better acquainted with one another.
Friends, your input would be very much appreciated. regarding the events briefly mentioned above.
1.  Are you interested in having an Albuquerque Chase Rally?
2.  Are the Zoom gatherings mentioned of interest to you – Climate Change & a movie with discussion
May I please hear from you by Tuesday, August 4, to help me ascertain how I move forward with events.
I am grateful for your support!!
A World of Friends Is A World of Peace!
PS:  A BIG thank you to one of our new members, Maguy Larochelle, of Santa Fe, who has volunteered to manage the Club’s facebook!!!

Memo to FFNM members

August 2, 2020
From Bill Bertenshaw, FFNM  President:
Members of FFNM

Hello Friends,

At an emergency Board meeting held on Thursday, July 30, 2020 the Board accepted the

Resignation, effective immediately, of Nancy Covalt as Secretary due to illness.  Bill will take a

leave of absence from presidential duties in order to be with Nancy.   The Board voted a club

“moratorium” until the end 2020.   Berta Wagstaff will perform as interim officer in charge  

during that period.

Stay Safe,

Bill Bertenshaw

Virtual July luncheon

June 29, 2020



How is everyone?!  We are practically strangers; haven’t seen any of you since March!!!  That’s 4 months!!!
Most recently I and several of our members who home hosted the Australians from the Sunshine Coast met virtually!!! It was incredible!  We spent an hour “zooming.” Much information was exchanged and I was so disappointed I couldn’t come close to all of the gatherings their Club has had!
They have had virtual happy hours, teas, and most recently they were working on how they could actually get together for a picnic!!  My apologies to you for not having encouraged meeting virtually any sooner!!  Y’all surprised me when only 1 asked for assistance in preparing for the Zoom meeting!
I need your support, your enthusiasm, your determination to make our first virtual gathering a success.  A few weeks ago, I asked who had an interest and about 15 replied.  Friends, there are over 70 members!  I thought we had a “captured audience” for Zoom events!
We have Joseph Badal, an author of 16 award-winning suspense novels, including Payback, which was released May 12 as our guest speaker!!  He is an Amazon and Barnes & Noble Best-Selling Author, a two-time winner of the Tony Hillerman Prize, a three-time Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal Winner, an Eric Hoffer Prize Winner, and a two-time “Finalist” in the International Book Awards competition.
He must be good!!!
Mr. Badal will be talking about his most recent book, Payback, and how his characters evolve in his award-winning suspense novels!!  Join us for a Virtual Luncheon!!!

Please make your reservations no later than Tuesday,  July 7, 2020, by calling or texting Berta Wagstaff at 505-710-4448 or emailing her at vets4vets@aol.com.

PLACE:          In the comfort of your home!

DATE:             Saturday, July 11, 2020

TIME:              11:30 am – 1:00 pm

COST:              FREE!!!

LUNCH:           Whatever you have been craving for!

Notification of the Zoom link will be sent out to all who have RSVP’d.

I look forward to virtually seeing you!  Let’s make our first virtual gathering a success!



July and August events

June 8, 2020
It seems like a loooooong time since we have made contact!
No doubt there have been changes in all of our lives.  I’m known to have a black thumb; however, I have a beautiful blooming garden and green grass!  No doubt you have an idea of where I have been spending some of my down time!!!
We have 2 events scheduled for the months of July and August.  The success of these events are dependent on the participation of our members.  We would appreciate knowing whether you would support the events.  Your feedback is needed!!!
The Board would like to offer a Zoom Luncheon Meeting:
Date:  Saturday, July 11, 2020
Time: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Guest Speaker:
Our anticipated guest speaker is Joseph Badal, a published author who recently had his 16th novel released, Payback, a suspense novel.  He is a two-time winner of the Tony Hillerman Prize.
1.  How many think they would be available for the July Zoom Luncheon?
2.  How many need instruction in setting up the computer for the Zoom meeting?
PLEASE reply to Berta Wagstaff, by Saturday, June 13.
August is our social event and a progressive brunch.
Date:  Saturday, August 15, 2020
Time:  11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Place:  Appetizers & Main Entree’ at Ginger Grossetete’s home
            Dessert at Judith Mead’s home
A limit of 24 members would be necessary and preventive measures would be applied regarding Covid-19.  RSVP will be on a first come basis.
PLEASE let Berta Wagstaff know whether you would have an interest in participating by June 13.
Currently we need a TENTATIVE headcount.  Your replies will determine whether the July and August events will occur.
Any questions, please contact Berta Wagstaff by text/phone – 505-710-4448 or reply to the email.
Friendship Knows No Distance!  Remain healthy & safe!
Berta Wagstaff

FFNM members — Help

Friendship Force International is asking all members of all clubs to help at this time. Because of the COVID-19 almost all activities have been cancelled or put on hold. Please take the time to read the following letter.

Friends,                                                                                                         5/7/2020

Each of you have received several e-mails from Friendship Force International (FFI) stating that FFI has been significantly impacted financially by the global pandemic.  Its life support is dependent upon Membership dues and journey fees.  With cancellation of the majority journeys this year, FFI is striving for sustainability and is hoping the Fundraising Campaign will help.  Their goal is $340,00.00 and thus far they have collected $184,456.00 as of 5/2/20.

All clubs affiliated with Friendship Force International are encouraged to make a donation to help FFI continue to operate and function as the point of contact in coordinating and assisting in all upcoming and future journeys.

The Board is asking all members to participate in this campaign.  Please donate (any amount is appreciated), recognizing how important FFI is and has been to you as a member.  Several members have already sent their contribution directly to FFI (thank you) and these will be individually acknowledged by FFI.

For those of you who wish to donate and have not yet done so, Berta Wagstaff has offered to collect your donations, consolidate them and  mail one check to FFI indicating that this a gift from FFNM members towards your fund-raising campaign.  Please be advised that a check written to FFNM is not tax deductible but one sent directly to FFI is. I am requesting that any donation be made on or before May 25, 2020

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

In Friendship

Bill Bertenshaw, President

Rocky Mountain Region Campaign

Rocky Mountain Regional News — 4/22/2020
RE: FFI Fundraising Campaign in US
Greetings – I hope this finds you and your family well and safe.
The COVID-19 has affected every person all over the world. As FFI club members this has
created a terrible financial situation for the FFI organization.
Jeremi Snook CEO; the Board of Directors and Field Representatives are working on the
Friendship Force Campaign by contacting every club in the US.
The FFI Website is being updated daily with information regarding the Fundraising efforts;
there’s an on-going list of donations from individuals and clubs from all over the world. The
website includes a Blog that has been added for Jeremi to keep all clubs informed with updates.
Check it out: www.blog.friendshipforce.org
I held a President/Leaders Meeting in April and invited Marilyn Petersen, Vice Chair on the FFI
Board of Directors, to join us. FFI Board members have been appointed to provide regional
support. Marilyn is the support for the Rocky Mountain Region along with the other regional
clubs on the western part of the US.
Campaign Giving to reach GOAL of $340,000:
– $170 equivalent of FFI fees for one journey per individual
– Monthly recurring donations
– Any amount is appreciated from clubs and members
If you have questions — I’m available along with Marilyn Petersen and Jeremi Snook to answer
questions; and we would be happy to attend Virtual Meetings with clubs.
Thank you
—– In Friendship, Sue Palmer, Field Rep –Rocky Mountain Region
e-mail: alfshouse12@hotmail.com

Changes due to Covid-19

Notes from Bill Bertenshaw, president

 As all of you are aware, the spread of the Coronavirus has made significant changes in all of our plans.

Following is the latest news regarding our club activities.

1.  The March 14 luncheon was cancelled —  The speaker has been re-scheduled for the Nov. 14th luncheon

2.  FFI has cancelled ALL Journeys until after May 31

3.  Cedar Rapids Journey to FFNM has been cancelled

4.  The Wine and Cheese event scheduled for April 27 is cancelled

5.  Penticton-Okanagan, Canada, club has cancelled our club planned Outbound Journey to them

6.  Our Outbound Journey to Saskatoon, Canada, is scheduled for June 18-25.  All preliminary arrangements have been made and Saskatoon is hoping that the threat of the virus will have passed and they can host us.  Diane Rand, Phil Moskal and Lori Enright are our Journey  Coordinators and are staying current with the situation and in contact with  Saskatoon.

 7.  Nancy Galbraith is our Journey Coordinator to Bristol, England, September 9-16. No specific information on that trip at this time

 8.  Greater Hamilton – Burlington, Canada, is scheduled to visit us October 21-28 and go to  Phoenix for their 2nd week.  This is a firm trip and we NEED A JOURNEY COORDINATOR.

 9.  FFI has sent our club their Domestic Journey assignments for 2021.  They are Outbound: Southern New Jersey, USA, and Inbound:  National Capitol Area.USA

 The club will be in touch when there is more news.

Stay Well

Bill Bertenshaw  President

March luncheon

Friendship Force International was founded by Wayne Smith and introduced by President Jimmy Carter on March 1, 1977! FFI will be celebrating its 43rd year in March!
At our March luncheon, Ms. Camilla Dodson, a Chautauqua speaker, will be helping us celebrate with her African instruments.  Ms. Dodson is the daughter of a Lesotho (South Africa) chief.  For many years she lived in South Africa and Ireland.  She was one of 5 people invited to speak when Nelson Mandela returned to Cape Town after 27 years in prison!
Drums are probably the earliest musical instrument, common to all cultures.  Ms. Dodson’s presentation describes the role of music in traditional African society using drumming!
This program has been made possible by the New Mexico Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities for funding of the program.
Please help us celebrate 43 years of journeys and  enjoy the entertainment, history, people and culture up close and personal!!  Bring a guest!

Please make your reservations no later than Tuesday,  March 10, 2019, by calling or texting Berta Wagstaff at 710-4448 or emailing her at vets4vets@aol.com.
PLACE:       Ramada Midtown (formerly Hotel  Eleganté )

ADDRESS:     2020 Menaul Blvd. NE

DATE:             Saturday, March 14

TIME:              11:30 am

>COST:            $15.00 per person (Checks, made out to FFNM, are preferred)

NOTE:  The Club must pay the hotel for all reservations.  If you make a reservation and do not attend, you will be billed $15.00 for each reservation.

Berta Wagstaff