Board meeting agenda

Agenda for the November board meeting

Friendship Force New Mexico Board Meeting Agenda, November 2, 2017
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union, Tech Park Branch, 1301 Britt St. SE

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of the Minutes of the October 5, 2017, Board Meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Membership Report: Directory inserts were distributed at the October luncheon.

5. Social Committee Report
November program:
A. Greeter:
B. Payment Receipts Table:

6. Old Business
A. Incoming from Toronto, Canada.
B. Incoming journeys in 2018. We need EDs for both events
a. W. N. Carolina – May 3-10, 2018
b. Metro Vancouver – Sept. 20-27, 2018
C. Outgoing journey for 2018: Central Iowa in mid- to late June.
D. Outgoing journey to Coastal New Hampshire FF June 8-15, 2019, or any week in June. They can host 20 people. 2019 International journey to Toronto. We have requested a week at a second club in Eastern Canada.
E. Election of officers. At the October luncheon meeting, the following officers were elected for 2018: President – Mark Vaughan, Vice President – no candidate, Secretary – Nancy Covalt, Treasurer – Lenore Pardee
F. Luncheon location.

7. New Business
A. The Membership Committee – Berta Wagstaff
1. Next social will be November 12 at Mark Vaughan’s house. We will play Bunko.
2. It would be preferable to schedule social events on weekends other than luncheon weekends.
B. Cost to ambassadors for incoming Journeys




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